Zen Yoga Dubai UAE Classes, Location, Fees & Packages & Schedule

Zen yoga Dubai supports all types of yoga classes and pilates classes along with different training programs and workshops. The basic purpose of yoga training is to elevate a sense of self-focus and concentration by creating a meditative environment. The yoga classes provide the best teachers and trainers in order to give you expert advice and a wonderful environment for yoga is provided.

Zen Yoga Classes

Zen Yoga Classes

The Zen yoga studio arranges a lot of different classes that are mainly for the benefit of the people struggling with different things in their lives. Parental or postnatal Yoga for a mommy-to-be is the best meditation to make the sure proper physical and mental health of the mommy and baby. The pilate mate classes are arranged to keep up your posture and provide a strengthening behavior to your body. Multiple other yoga classes include yogalates. Pilate reformer, Ashtanga, booty bare, power yoga, and many other classes are specifically arranged for every age group person to strengthen the body muscles and the nerves.

Zen Yoga Location

Zen yoga is mainly located in Dubai, BBC building #10 Ground floor. The yoga center is always available to seek any kind of information. You can easily access the Zen yoga contact number to know more about the services, or updates of the centers. Zen yoga’s Instagram page s also another source of getting the latest and updated information about the center.

Zen Yoga Fees & Packages

Zen yoga fees for the members vary for different members affiliated with variant classes or workshops. It also variates for the machine users, ranging from 150 AED to 600 AED.

Zen yoga packages are the most affordable one for private trainees and those who are connected to single classes. These packages include memberships of 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. And also available in separate and grouped packages. These offer the most affordable prices as compared to the services it gives.  

Zen Yoga Schedule

Zen Yoga Schedule

Zen yoga Dubai provides its services seven days a week from 8 AM to 8 PM. The schedule is flexible as to add and renew different classes and training programs each day at different time intervals. It does not stay the same the whole week. The classes keep on shuffling. So everyone is able to get benefited from each expert trainer. Zen yoga is also available on the internet and showing exceptionally fast responses for their services. Zen yoga online class booking can prevent much of your time by easily booking for any class in no time.

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