Where to Get Visa Medical Tests in UAE

There are several requirements when it comes to securing a visa for the UAE, and every individual must have a visa if they want to live or work there. Without a visa,  rights and capabilities are severely limited; you can’t buy property, have a local bank account, or find a job. One of the unavoidable aspects of securing a residency visa is to get your medical fitness certificate done. Let’s explore further.

Why do You Need Medical Tests?

Why do You Need Medical Test

An integral element of the residency process is the medical fitness test. Every applicant is required to undergo these tests. The tests themselves are comprehensive because they are designed to ascertain whether or not you meet the criteria set out by the UAE authorities.

They look for many things, including pregnancy, tuberculosis, HIV, leprosy, syphilis, and hepatitis B & C. The results of these tests will determine the success of your application. For example, a positive HIV or tuberculosis test usually results in your application being denied, and you will likely be asked to leave the country or be deported. However, if other diseases or dormant forms of the ones listed above are found, you may be offered other solutions like treatment or isolation.

Where to Get the Tests?

Where to Get the Tests

You have a few options when it comes to getting your tests. For an emirates ID and UAE residency visa, you will need to have your medical tests done in the emirate that you plan to inhabit most of the time. This is because medical examinations conducted in your country of origin or other countries, in general, are not valid and can’t be submitted as part of your visa application.

The tests also need to be conducted by a government-approved facility. When it comes to choosing a facility, you should also check out their hours of operation, where they are located, their charges, and their eligibility criteria. For example, Smart Salem is located in Dubai, and they are open from 8 am till 5 pm.

The Tests

There is a range of tests, some of which may be conducted at your home and some of which need to be conducted on-site at the health care provider. As stated above, the tests themselves are pretty comprehensive. Different samples and x-rays are taken. The samples are analyzed, and after a few days, the results are ready. You will be notified, and you can continue with your application.

While including your medical report in a visa application might feel invasive, they all serve a purpose, and there is no getting around this requirement. The tests themselves are pretty straightforward; it is simply a comprehensive medical check-up. You can have these tests carried out wherever is convenient for you; you can look for a local healthcare provider to ensure that you don’t have to travel too far. Just remember to check that the government has approved them; otherwise, the results will not be submit able.

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