What Kind of Legal Support is Needed to Open a Gym in Dubai

The increased consideration of having more gyms has increased incrementally around the world. Like in other countries, UAE is also increasingly diverting its focus on opening more fitness centers or gyms to meet the increased demand of people. And when we talk about the gym in Dubai, the demand is higher than ever.

It is correct that everyone, including men and women, is obsessed with their bodies in shape. And it is a common belief that becoming beautiful and toned in shape is a dream of everyone, and this is what makes the need for a gym more critical than ever before.

Now, with a toned body, it doesn’t mean that you go to a gym to make a body like The Rock or any superstar, but professionals and fitness freaks want to hit the gym to maintain the stable structure of their body. With this, every year, the rise in the establishment of gyms is hitting crazy figures. People are immensely focused on investing significant time in gyms to get in shape and maintain their physique.

The formation of gyms in Dubai is because of the increased demand. And this is a valid reason why investors are focusing on investing in a gym more than ever before. This is a great business opportunity for investors planning to upscale their investments in the UAE.

According to a Statista report, the revenue in the digital fitness and well-being segment in the United Arab Emirates is projected to reach $203.70m in 2022. This shows the potential for investors in this category in Dubai. Following the growing interest, several fitness corporations have established their business setups in Dubai and other Emirates. For example, Gold Gym, the American exercise and fitness giant, has set up its Asian Headquarters in the UAE, singularly in Dubai.

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Everything to Know About Opening a Gym in Dubai and Legal Support Needed

It is essential to focus on what needs to be done in a legal way to open a gym in Dubai. As an investor or a fitness entrepreneur, you will undoubtedly need legal support in this matter. For which, it is helpful to read and learn from this write-up.

Starting a Gym Business in Dubai – What to Consider?

If you have made the decision to open a gym in Dubai, UAE, it is essential to consider some crucial factors that are necessary for you to comply with legal ways as well as to establish a secure business pathway. Here are some of the significant factors to know;

  • The first thing to pay close attention to is getting permission from the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the UAE.
  • Another factor to focus on for starting up your gym is getting approvals from the Juvenile and Sports Welfare Authority, Health Department in Dubai, and Emirates Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Committee.
  • You need to obtain a gym license for Dubai as well, for which the minimum age requirement is 21 years.
  • Moving towards the final step would require you to submit a Partnership memo and a signed lease to the concerned authorities.

Furthermore, if you are planning to open your gym in a free zone region of Dubai or any other Emirate of UAE, you’re allowed to have the following activities in your gym by the authorities;

  • Yoga, Tai-chi, and some other meditative sports.
  • Different exercises, physical training, and activities for losing weight.
  • Different forms and kinds of massages for soothing and relaxing the body.

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Legal Requirements for Starting a Gym Business in Dubai

Fulfilling the legal requirements for starting your gym is mandatory at all times. For this, you may need the assistance and services of legal advocates in Dubai to file a complete case with the authorities to ensure full compliance with your gym business. Here are some ways in which your advocacy will help you;

  • From preparing and submitting the paperwork required, including; photocopies of your resident visa and passport.
  • They will get you the required No Objection Certificate (NOC) that ensures your business is legally permitted to operate in Dubai.
  • They will prepare the Memorandum of Approval (MoA). This includes drafting and documenting the sponsoring side as well.
  • They will also look after picking the best location as per the directories of the government of the UAE.
  • They will ensure to register your gym business with DED and get you the official receipt of the agreement.
  • Lastly, your legal consultant will clear all the dues and get the required licenses.

Requisites for Starting a Gym in Dubai

When it comes to setting up a gym business in Dubai, the following are some of the legal necessities that everyone must follow at all costs;

  • The first is to think about the location. The gym location must be on the ground floor of a building you intend to open your gym.
  • While obtaining the license for your gym, the supplies or equipment you stated must be present and in working condition.
  • The gym premises must be appropriately ventilated to ensure the utmost convenience for the people working out in the gym. This requires the owner to install exhaust fans on the premises and make the whole place satisfactory.
  • Hiring certified and trained professionals is another requirement that must be fulfilled at all costs. Here are the things to consider when hiring a trainer in Dubai. It is a primary requisite to ensure that the gym premises must be certified by the Department of Health and Medical Services in the UAE.
  • The gym premises must have emergency exits to ensure and meet any unprecedented circumstances.
  • Smoking inside the gym premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Clothing inside the gym for individuals must be according to Dubai’s laws and regulations. From the gym staff to instructors, everyone must follow the dress code while being on the premises.
  • The Department of Health and Medical Services in the UAE has issued hygienic requirements for gym facilities. The staff must ensure to keep the place according to the standards settled.

The Final Words

After fulfilling the abovementioned requirements, your gym business is ready according to all the legal requirements. These steps and conditions ensure that your business is legally compliant with the standards required by the authorities in Dubai, UAE.

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