What is the UAE Pass System? A comprehensive guide

The UAE PASS system can be seen as a step forward towards the progressive digitisation of UAE various government sectors. Ensuring the UAE national identity, UAE PASS is the first national digital identity allowing citizens, residents and visitors to digitally access government services as well as signing documents.

The project was launched as a joint initiative between the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, Abu Dhabi Digital Authority and Smart Dubai in 2018 during GITIX. Other strategic partners supporting the PASS system include The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, The Dubai Electronic Security Center, in addition to the digital authorities of the other seven emirates.

The UAE Pass is part of the UAE e-governance transformative vision to create a seamless, efficient and paperless administrative structure and boost company formation in Dubai and the wider UAE. There is no need for separate login accounts for each separate departments and financial institutions. Once verified, using the security steps needed to activate the UAE PASS, users can digitally run all their activities on one platform including setting up accounts in multiple websites and apps, signing and verifying documents in addition to requesting and sharing documents.  

UAE PASS system Features

The UAE Pass system take advantage of the pooling of digital information and shared scanned documents while maintaining information security by keeping the file in digital vaults that can only be accessed by meeting security protocols. 

One account, multiple websites and apps

Via only smartphone access validation step users can access more than 6000 services provided by 130 government, semi-government and private entities through their websites and apps. Logging in credentials can be mobile numbers, email address or UAE ID.

Digital signature

Users can upload and digitally sign official documents either using the Pass app or the official website by simply uploading the document in a PDF format and sharing it. The system also allows users to verify shared documents as well. 

The Pass system offers two types of digital signatures:

  • Advance (low): Signing a document by authentication using a PIN
  • Qualified (High): Signing a document by authentication using a PIN

Requesting and sharing official documents

UAE Pass accord users to request official documents and to use them, securely, to request services from service providers when needed. It is powered by blockchain technology which provides optimal traceability and security and eliminates the need for paper documents and physical visits.

UAE PASS System user levels

UAE Pass has three distinct user levels 

  • Basic: Unverified authentication with no digital signature
  • Verified authentication with advance (low) signature 
  • Advance verified authentication with advance (low) and qualified (high) signatures

UAE PASS System Service channels

UAE Pass is provided through several channels:

  • Mobile app.

The main user channel is the mobile app.  The app allows users to register their accounts, manage their profiles, authenticate on service providers’ websites, sign documents, and validate signed documents.  

  • Self-service portals 

These portals allow users to manage their profiles, sign documents, and validate signed documents. 

  • Kiosk applications

Users can set up their UAE Pass accounts through biometric authentication (fingerprints).

Things to consider

Users setting up a UAE PASS need to keep in mind the following:

  • Citizens and residents with a valid Emirates ID card are currently the only users eligible for UAE Pass.
  • Emirates ID number is the main UAE Pass identifier 
  • Renewing or revoking the current signing certificate is carried out at Kiosk service channels
  • Android devices and iOS devices can run the UAE Pass application. Additionally, any currently updated browser supports UAE self-service portals.   
  • Password format must be at least 8 characters with a combination of upper and lower case, and at least one special character, and at least one number
  • Recovering a UAE Pass PIN code can be through self-service portals 
  • When unable to login to UAE Pass account users can contact the helpdesk for further assistance

During the covid-19 pandemic, UAE Pass significantly aided the delivery of government services and company formation in Dubai and wider UAE while maintaining social distances measures.   

One of the great advantages of the UAE Pass system is the integration with Basher services. Basher is an integrated eService platform that facilitates and speeds up the business set-up process.       In addition to being a prerequisite for applying for Basher services, investors can digitally sign and verify a wide range of official documents pertaining to the following:

  • Obtaining trade license 
  • Chamber of Commerce memberships
  • Obtaining establishment card number
  • Renewal of commercial license 
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