UFC Gym Dubai UAE Timings, Reviews, and Membership

UFC gym Dubai is the best place for you to get physical fitness if you are an athlete person. It fulfills all the demands of self-defense, martial arts, or sports activities providing you the right equipment you can use for the best results. 

UFC gym timings UFC gym is open from Monday to Sunday; 7 days a week from 5 am to 11 pm to provide its services to people.
Address UFC Gym Dubai is located at P Floor, Building 1, Bay Square, Al Asayel Street, Dubai
Membership Membership is available for every person belonging to any age group or gender. The membership also includes invading the clubs and other services like access to different equipment. 
pricing UFC gym in Dubai costs 899 AED for a single entry per month. The membership of this Gym can help you avail of multiple other services. 


UFC Gym Dubai

The UFC gym in Dubai is concerned with multiple different fitness programs and training classes. That includes the training classes for the kids, men, and women.  The training is done under the expert supervision of capable trainers, and all the necessary equipment required by a person during the training is provided to him/her.

UFC gym training includes training programs for self-defense, boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, athletic training, exercise, and yoga. Along with these training programs, the gym also has many different clubs for people to join. Fighting club to polish your abilities better. Boxing club for practicing more. UFC gym coaching and classes include the availability of bigger rooms, different cardio equipment, weight-free rooms, functional rooms, training rooms, and practicing clubs.


The gym is the expansion of the activities from UFC gym middle east. This gym is not only able to provide you the physical but mental health also. It is equipped in such a way as to categorize those who are suffering from their body.  The cardio equipment is for the strengthening of the heart muscles, the adults having the heart malfunctioning, blood pressure, cholesterol level imbalance, and other such heat issues can be benefited with them. The equipment to relieve severe body pain is also available in the gym for those who are mostly suffering body pain, muscles etching, or backbone problems. Different training programs, clubs, and pieces of equipment are available for the athletes to let them increase their skills and boost their stamina. It is equipped with all the basics for people to live a healthy and active life. More about this gym can be known on the UFC gym Instagram page.

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