Top 5 Ice Cream in Dubai You Must Try

You have to be a pure ice cream lover in order to proceed with reading this post. In the warm weather of Dubai, there is nothing better than cold and delicious ice cream. Here are our top 5 best places you should visit in Dubai if you want to try some awesome ice creams

1. Godiva Cafe

Godiva Cafe Dubai

Godiva Cafe is located in a very charming place, the Dubai International Marine Club, this Cafe offers 30 different ice cream flavors which you can choose from while also having some of the most delicious milkshakes and brownies.

2. La Serre

La Serre Dubai

A brand new ice cream place in Dubai with a great variety of flavored ice creams, flavors ranging from pistachio to pomelo, and more! Also, they have a wide range of cakes and pastries in case you opt for a dessert.

3. Max’s Dubai

Dairy Queen Dubai

Located in the heart of Deira, in front of the Fish Market, this ice cream shop is famous among locals and ex-pats for its delicious flavors which range from normal to very original ones!

4. Gelato Factory

Gelato Factory DubaiOpen also in the afternoon, this ice cream place is famous for its delicious flavors and friendly service. Besides the huge variety of over 40 flavors, they also sell cakes and some other desserts if you want to take a break from ice cream!

5. Dairy Queen

Top Ice Cream in Dubai is Dairy Queen Dubai

This ice cream place was brought to us by the famous American chain. Located in the Grand Millennium Hotel, it offers 30 flavors of ice cream for you to try out!

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