Top 5 Health Insurance Plans in UAE for 2022

Life is very uncertain, especially now when we are passing through a big pandemic crisis, and in this situation, it will be wrong for you if you don’t have health insurance living in the UAE. Many situations come around when we do not feel well and have low income for treatment. Sometimes our parents are not everywhere to take care of us and pay our health expenses. In this situation, health insurance is the best way to cover all costs of medicines, doctor’s fees, and all others. Here we have come up with the top 5 health insurance plans in the UAE for 2022.

The UAE is a developed and flourishing country that offers excellent health insurance policies to its nationals and outsiders. Emirates nationals usually enjoy public health insurance and receive free or low-cost treatment. It includes diagnostic tests, appointments with specialists, prescriptions, and maternity care. Expats can also use the public services, but these are not free for them. So they require a health card for these services that you can get from the ministry of health by applying online. You can get this card only for treatments you can’t cover with private medical insurance.

What is Health Insurance?

What is Health Insurance

Health insurance is the financial insurance that covers all the medical expenses if you are ill or hospitalized with a severe health issue. It covers all the medical expenses, including doctor’s fees, medicines costs, routine check-up costs, treatment of chronic health issues, and emergency care.

When living in the UAE, it is necessary to have government or private health insurance because a person passing through any illness knows how much medical treatment is. A chunk of money is spent on a minor treatment, multiple blood tests, and all types of medical tests. Health insurance is the best way to survive in this situation as it will also save you from a financial crisis.

Top 5 Health Insurance Plans in UAE for 2022

There are multiple insurance plans in the UAE with different premium costs. You can avail them easily. To get the best and cheapest insurance plans from reliable companies, you can get help from policy bazaars. It offers many insurance plans from top companies in UAE from lowest to highest cost. For the ease of our ex-pats, we have come up with 5 top health insurance plans that they can enjoy in UAE in 2022 for their best health.

1. Watania Health Insurance Plans

Watania Health Insurance Plans

Watania is one of the most reliable national takaful companies that offer the best range of health insurance plans in 2022 that have comprehensive coverage with sharia regulations. The insurance plan covers all the emergency costs and the cost of lab tests, maternity, private rooms, daycare treatment, diagnostic tests, and many others. It offers three types of plans Gold, Silver premium, and silver, which cover about 100,000 AED medical covers. There is great flexibility in rules and regulations in these plans. It covers all the repatriation costs for the individuals and policyholders as well.

Plan name Medical cover (AED)
    Silver             10,000
Silver premium       10,000
    Gold             10,000
    Silk road         10,000

2. AXA Health Insurance Plans

AXA Health Insurance Plans

AXA is also a global company that has a broad network of 3000 hospitals and provides a wide range of health insurance plans for everyone. It consists of multilingual customer service experts that are available 24/7 for their clients’ help. These insurance plans cover personal accidents, hassle-free access to treatment from more than 3000 providers, routine dental check-ups, and medical teleconsultation. It offers bronze, silver, and gold smart health plans with 1, 50000, 250000, and 500000 AED maximum yearly for family and individual insurances.

Plan name Medical cover (AED)
    Silver             1,50,000
bronze       2,50,000
    Gold             5,00,000

3. DNIRC – Silk Road Health Insurance Plans

DNIRC - Silk Road Health Insurance Plans

DNIRC is also a multinational company that offers multiple insurances from property to medical, health, vehicles, and accidents. It offers wider coverage for policyholders with medical expenses. You can easily claim for insurance with easy rules and regulations. It offers multiple health insurance plans, including essential, silver, gold, diamond, and platinum, with multiple medical coverages. It offers up to 10,00,000 AED for its clients that cover all the medical expenses.

  Plan name Medical cover (AED)
  Essential         1,50,000 with 2500 pharmacy limit
Gold   2,50,000
  Diamond           7,50,000
Platinum       10,00,000

4. Daman Health Insurance Plan

Daman Health Insurance Plan

It is also one of the leading medical insurance companies across the UAE that offers a wide range of health insurance plans for individuals and families as well. It provides affordable premium plans and has extensive access to more than 2000 hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. It includes medical services and international assistance. It provides multiple insurance plans, including smart chrome, smart silver, and smart gold, up to 25,00,000 AED annual benefit limit with 1971 healthcare providers.

Objective name Medical cover (AED)
    Silver   3,00,000 with 1902 health providers
Smart chrome 1,60,000 with 464 health providers
Smart Gold   25,00,000 with 1971 health providers

5. Sehteq Health Insurance Plan

Sehteq Health Insurance Plan

If you are looking for the most reliable and trustworthy company for the best insurance offers and discounts for your loved one, the Sehteq is perfect for you. It offers wide medical coverage up to 150,000 AED and has extended network coverage well. You can enjoy discounts and offers for different insurance policies.

Plan name Medical cover (AED)
    Basic             1,50,000
Care plus       1,50,000
  Executive             1,50,000


Health insurance is very important for UAE people whether they are residents or employed. You can’t get a resident visa without private health insurance. There are multiple life insurance companies in the UAE that offer the best services with a wide range of coverage. They provide numerous health insurances for individuals, families, groups, senior citizens, and employees. It is up to you what type of health insurance you want. You can apply online at the company’s site for insurance. Policy Bazaar is the best place where you will find the best offers with discounts.

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