Tips of Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga is an ancient practice that aims to improve your physical and mental wellbeing by focusing on breathing, flexibility, strength, and balance. Yoga is pretty popular worldwide, so you probably knew that. You also probably know that yoga is proven to aid in weight loss. Besides its physical calorie-burning aspect, yoga increases our awareness of our bodies, helping us pinpoint better when we’re full and preventing binge eating. It reduces stress and aids in sleeping which researchers have linked to reduced weight gain.

Knowing the benefits and successfully reaping them is different, though. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with all the information Google threw at you. Maybe you’re too busy to commute to the yoga class across town, or perhaps you’re in someplace with an intelligent lockdown in the middle of this pandemic. No matter what your reason may be, here is the good news you can initiate your weight loss journey right in the comfort of your home.

Here’s how to do it in 5 simple steps:

1. Set Aside A Space

Set Aside A Space for Yoga

You don’t need a huge empty room to begin your yoga journey, just a small, uncluttered space with about a foot on all four sides. You can add your favorite scented candle or an inspirational photo in your yoga corner, but bare necessities will work fine.

2. Gather Your Equipment

Gather Your Equipment

Yoga is a practice from a time with minimal yoga equipment, so while helpful, don’t let the plethora of yoga equipment in online listicles overwhelm you (or your wallet). Most equipment has substitutes if you’re a beginner or not hasty to spend a ton of money for whatever reason. Yoga attire can just be any breathable clothing, non-restrictive, and not loose enough to get in the way. A low chair or coffee table makes good alternatives to yoga blocks, while a scarf or a bathrobe tie can easily replace a yoga strap. However, investing in a good yoga mat is highly recommended as it is the foundation of the exercise, and a textured, non-slip mat will help prevent any injuries and cushion your body in long-held poses.

3. Choose A Yoga Guide You Can Easily Follow at Home

Choose A Yoga Guide You Can Easily Follow at Home

Various online streaming programs and apps exist that you can choose from to find an instructor and yoga style that suits your needs. Popular streaming programs include YogaDownload, Grokker, and Glo. Pocket Yoga and Asana Rebel are some good yoga apps. You can also find yogis sharing their knowledge on Youtube channels like Yoga with Adrienne, BohoBeautiful, and Blogilates.

4. Have A Routine And Listen to Your Body

Have A Routine And Listen to Your Body

If you’re doing yoga at home, you need to set aside time daily for it. It’s true, and consistency really is key if you want your hard work to bear fruit. Another crucial tip is to listen to what your body says. Yoga injuries are easily avoided if you’re in tune with your body which goes with the mindfulness aspect of yoga.

5. Try Yoga Poses Styles Specifically Aiding in Weight Loss

Try Yoga Poses Styles Specifically Aiding in Weight Loss

If you’re reaping the benefits of a basic yoga routine, you can focus on physically demanding yoga styles like vinyasa yoga to directly reduce weight. Yoga poses that are good for weight loss include Sun Salutations, Plank Pose, and Chair Pose.

So now that you’re out of a bunch of excuses, go on and get those goals you set yourself this day!

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