Gold Gym UAE Fitness Center Timings, Reviews, Membership, and Services

It is tough to maintain weight just by eating healthy and doing regular physical activity. It may be possible, but if you want a lean body with cuts and curves, then you need a gym. If you live in Dubai, let me introduce a multinational company with branches all over the world. Gold Gym is the best solution to tone your body with proper grooming and guidance. Only the Gold Gym UAE has 21 branches. According to an estimation, 3.5 million members are registered in Gold Gym from all over the world. 


They offer all the latest services and equipment. Gold Gym has specific aerobic areas and well-qualified trainers for yoga, belly dancing, Zumba, and many other options to stay fit and healthy.

They also have Wi-Fi in every gym area and offer a locker to keep things safe during exercise. You can know more about them by following on social media like on gold’s gym Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account.


They have a variety of Memberships.

1. Home Club Membership

With this Membership, you can access one club of your priority.

2. Cluster Membership

In this Membership, you can visit unlimited time by selecting 3 clubs in the UAE, according to your priority.

3. Passport Membership

With this type of Gold Gym Membership, you are free to go to any Gold gym club not only in UAE but also all over the world except signature club

4. Signature Passport Membership

It gives you unlimited access to all GOld gym clubs all over the world. 

Gold’s Gym Clubs In Dubai

There are 7 clubs in Dubai, and every club offers both a separate ladies club and a mixed club. If you are a lady and find it uncomfortable to work out with men, you can be a part of the ladies club. Here is a list of all Gold’s Gym Dubai clubs.

Name Address Gold’s Gym Timing Phone no. Club Type
1. Al Barsha Mall, First Floor, West Wing Saturday – Thursday6AM – 11PmFriday 9Am – 10PM 04 385 1181 Mixed and ladies club
2. Fourth Floor, Bank Street Saturday – Thursday6AM – 11PmFriday 9Am – 10PM 04 396 0222 Only mixed
3. Business Village Deira, Block B, Deira Clock Tower Roundabout 3rd Floor Saturday – Thursday6AM – 11PmFriday 9Am – 10PM 04 451 4400 Both Mixed and ladies club 
4. Etihad Mall, First Floor Saturday – Thursday6AM – 11PmFriday 9Am – 10PM 04 255 9882 Both Mixed and ladies club 
5. Hamriyah, Union cooperative building, Abu Hail, Deira Saturday – Thursday6AM – 11PmFriday 9Am – 10PM 04 269 2661 Both Mixed and ladies club 
6. 11th Floor, Ibn Battuta Gate Saturday – Thursday6AM – 11PmFriday 9Am – 10PM 04 277 5465 Only mixed
7. 2nd Floor, Reef Mall, Deira Saturday – Thursday6AM – 11PmFriday 9Am – 10PM 04 252 2932  Only mixed

People who visit there have positive reviews about Gold’s Gym because of the easy membership options and mixed club and ladies club facility. They find it neat and clean with a positive environment. 

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