Dubai Tourist Visa Types Guidelines | Requirements & Application Process

A tourist visa is the residential stay of a specific period to a country by any immigrant visiting there. It is also termed the visitor’s visa because it is a non-immigrant visa. The visa is available for many countries like the USA, US, or Dubai tourist visa. The purpose of this visa can be traveling, medical treatment, or any work-related task.

The participants who are not allowed to go on an immigrant visa or want to have some experience can apply for the tourist visa.

 A Dubai visit visa is available for people with very few exceptions.

What Is The Difference Between Tourist, Sponsor & Work Visa?

Applying for the UAE visa, you must have complete knowledge about the types of visas offered by the internationals and their specific differences.

Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai Tourist visa is available for the no immigrant applicants. It is available for some limited days for the sake of any specific medical advice seeking or visiting the country only. You can visit yourself or with your spouse or family.

Dubai Work Visa

Dubai work visa is for all the applicants willing to give their services to the country. Those who think of themselves as eligible for some specific job can apply for this type of visa.

They are available for a couple of years or modified on demand. The company that opts to give employment to such persons also has a significant role in this. Dubai business visa is for the business tours who come for the training of their executives or for any business deal.

Sponsored Dubai VisaDubai Residence Visa - Sponsorship visa

Sponsored Dubai visas can be gained for the family’s residence by any employee in a specific company. These visas usually include the residence along with the highly paid salaries.

Multiple Entry Tourist Visa For DubaiMultiple-Entry-Tourist-Visa-for-Dubai

There is a golden opportunity for the people who are willing to go to Dubai for the visit visa to apply multiple times as they want. In the five-year plan, they can plan to go to Dubai, specifically applying for the visit visa Dubai multiple times for the same duration.

Multiple entries tourist visas are available for people belonging to different identities and nationalities. There is no such limit as that of being a specific citizen. Although, in the COVID-19 scenario, the criteria were changed a bit. That’s the case with so many other countries as well.

For the case of a UAE visa, you are allowed to go for multiple visits for the same time frame.


Any person applying for the Dubai visit visa can stay there for a fixed tenure of 30 or 90 days. The offer is available for all nationalities. The idea that you can even increase the time twice living within that fixed tenure can make you worried about the multiple entries. This is not a matter of concern as you can enjoy the multiple entry system and the extension of your visa time period.

How To Apply For a Dubai Visit Visa?How to Apply for a Dubai Visit Visa?

Dubai internationals have now become more conscious about the screening of visitors. It is necessary for you to go through with all the Dubai tourist visa requirements before you step in.

Apply for Dubai Tourist Visa with the following mode of the application procedures.

Apply Online

You can easily apply for the UAE visit visa online from any specific country or region. You need to follow the following given steps.

  • Manage to get the valid PNR number and log in to the website. Simply apply for the bookings of your visa, and click on the retrieve bookings option.
  • Select the UAE for the further accomplishment of your visa details.
  • As you tap on the proceed button, you will see the application form that is needed to be filled out online easily. Tap on the “continue to visa application” option and carefully continue by putting all your important details.

Apply Through the UAE

The best way to get any Dubai visa, you have to get affiliated with any UAE airline, agency, or hotel. The place where you intend to stay for the time period can be the best place to get attached to.

They will help you to go through with all the credentials and to get you permission for your visit from the higher authorities. The UAE embassies directly do not issue any visit visas.

Apply For Guest

You can also apply for any guest or family member to visit with you in Dubai. The sponsor visit visa is the best choice for that, but you need to fulfill all the important requirements for that.

The person must have all the COVID-19 vaccines done. The medical clearance of the 18+-year-old is required. The passport of the member is required along with that of the sponsor as well.

Guidelines For Specific Countries

The person who belongs to the GCC nationals is unable to increase their tenure of the visit visa when they stay in Dubai. The extension is available for the Dubai work visa, and not for those who have come to some mission on some special permissions.

Countries Banned From Visa List

The Dubai internationals have made the screening process very tough for the people reaching the Dubai port.

For this purpose of security and due to increasing threats of the emerging Omicron and the Delta virus, they have put some restrictions on some countries. They include:

  • Congo
  • zimbabwe.
  • Namibia
  • South Africa
  • Lesotho

Covid Requirements For Dubai Tourist Visa

The person who is willing to go to Dubai on the UAE visit visa must be vaccinated fully. All the important booster shots must be fulfilled and that person must acquire the card having the dates for the vaccines and the booster shots.

Other than this, the latest COVID-19 test reports must be pinned with all the necessary credentials.

Cost of Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai tourist visa fees vary on the basis of days you have selected for your visit in Dubai along with the type of visit visa you are going to select for yourself. Here are some of the detailed fees for the visit visa from Pakistan.

 Visa Fees without Deposit

30 DAY TOURIST VISA 70 23.38 93.38 4.21 97.59
96 HOURS TRANSIT VISA 15 21.65 36.65 3.9 40.55
48 HOURS VISA 0 21.12 21.12 3.8 24.92
VISIT VISA 90 DAYS 166 26.79 192.79 4.82 197.61
14 DAYS SERVICE VISA 96.23 25.28 121.51 4.55 126.06
MULTI ENTRY SHORT VISIT 152 46.98 198.98 8.46 207.44
MULTI ENTRY LONG VISIT 425 56.98 481.98 10.26 492.24
EXPRESS TOURIST VISA 70 43.38 113.38 7.5 121.19
EXPRESS 96 HOUR VISA 44 41.65 56.65 7.5 64.15
EXPRESS 48 HOURS VISA 0 41.12 41.12 7.4 48.52
EXPRESS VISIT VISA 90 DAYS 166 46.8 212.8 8.42 221.22
14 DAYS EXPRESS SERVICE VISA 96.23 45.28 141.51 8.15 149.66

 Visa Fees With Deposit

30 DAY TOURIST VISA 70 272.5 33.64 376.14 55.11 431.25
96 HOURS TRANSIT VISA 15 272.5 32.34 319.84 54.87 374.71
48 HOURS VISA 0 272.5 31.94 304.44 54.8 359.24
VISIT VISA 90 DAYS 166 272.5 36.7 475.2 55.66 530.86
14 DAYS SERVICE VISA 93.23 272.5 35.28 404.01 55.4 459.41
MULTI ENTRY SHORT VISIT 152 272.5 57.98 482.48 59.49 541.97
MULTI ENTRY LONG VISIT 425 272.5 67.98 765.48 61.29 826.77
EXPRESS TOURIST VISA 70 272.5 53.64 396.14 58.47 454.85
EXPRESS 96 HOUR VISA 15 272.5 52.34 339.84 58.47 398.31
EXPRESS 48 HOURS VISA 0 272.5 51.94 324.44 58.4 382.84
EXPRESS VISIT VISA 90 DAYS 166 272.5 56.7 495.2 59.26 554.46
14 DAYS EXPRESS SERVICE VISA 96.23 272.5 55.28 424.01 59 483.01

How To Renew or Extend a Visa?

If you have applied for the UAE visit visa, you can extend the time period of your tourist visa twice during the stay. It will cost you AED 600 every time you plan to renew your visit visa. The procedure of the Dubai visit visa extension must be done within the time period of the last ended visa.

You can increase the time period up to 30 days before the end of the last one. If you still want to increase the tenure for the second time, do all the required things a few days before the first one ends.

The applicant has to register himself by applying for the extension. Permission from the specific authorities from the respective countries is required for the renewal or extension.

In the time period of one visit, a man is capable of increasing their visa two times only.

Charges for Overstay

In case you stay for more days than mentioned on the visa, you have to pay the fine for that. For every single day’s overstay, the person has to pay AED 100. The fine would be started calculating from the last 10 days of the visa expiry.

Benefits of Getting Dubai Tourist or Visitor Visa

Seeking the tourists’ visa from Dubai is a very easy task. Not only is it convenient but also affordable. You can afford all the prices even for the long visits of 90 days, that is for 3 months, you have to pay a few bucks only. You can have a vast exposure to the environment, seek more jobs, or look for a permanent way of residence there. Finding someone who can sponsor you is possible only when you go and meet people and tell them about your interests and visions about the country. You can visit your relatives and have all kinds of available medical help for the desired period of time.

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1. Can a Dubai Tourist Visa Enter Abu Dhabi?

The UAE visit visa holders can go and visit Abu Dhabi as well.

2. Are a Tourist Visa and a Visitor Visa the Same?

A tourist visa is just for visiting the country, maybe for a tour or sightseeing. Visitor visa is assigned to the visa having some purpose like study, job, medical, etc.

3. Can I Convert a Tourist Visa into a Work Visa?

Yes, it is convertible if you follow all the important requirements. You must have your card and the card should not be expired.

4. How Many Maximum Days Can I Stay on a Tourist Visa?

90 days is the maximum limit for a person to stay on a tourist visa. But the tenure is extendable if you get permission from the higher authorities.

5. Can I Start a Business on a Tourist visa?

The business visitor visa can be a smart choice in that case. Starting up a business at a time when you can’t stay for more than 6 months is not a smart choice. 

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