Best Home Service Massage Center in Dubai

Today, lots of people are worried about their health. Almost every individual has some problems in the body because of which they suffer a lot and thus being able to cope with that problem is not an easy task.

In this situation, the people should take good treatment on the body to make themselves able to cope up with that problem.

So, help in solving such problems can be done by various massage therapy and home service massage. There are many benefits of these treatments over other medicines. The most common benefits treated through massages include muscle pain as well as backaches etc.

When it comes to muscles then it can make muscles to be more relaxed and the normal blood circulation increases. From back pain, an individual can get relief even if they take medication as well while there are different kinds of massage treatments which also cure various kinds of backaches such as neck cramp and lower spine pain, etc.

Home Service Massage Centers in Dubai

If you are looking for home service massage centers in Dubai, you can skim through the provided details of various spots in Dubai.

1. Tamayaz Spa and Massage

Tamayaz Spa and Massage

Address:  1203, 12th floor, Al Shafar Tower 1, Barsha Heights, Dubai

Contact No: +971-585876977

Types of Massage Available

  • Relaxing massage
  • Couple massage therapy
  • Four hands massage therapy
  • Thai massage
  • Hot stone massage therapy
  • Sports massage therapy
  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage therapy.
  • Skin treatments
  • Scrub massages


This spa offers specific packages that everyone can avail themselves of and are reasonable for them.

The single massage therapy can cost no more than AED 199. For couples, they would charge AED 499.

You can avail six-month membership plan for AED 1999 or a 12-month plan in AED 4999, With a few exceptions.

Customer Reviews

They implement all the therapeutic massaging for the physical and mental well-being of the person.

The clients are inspired mainly by the hygenic and luxurious environment they provide during the complete spa process. The in-home services are also matchless.


2. Ruspa Massage CenterRuspa Massage Center in dubai

Address:  Courtyard By Marriott Dubai, Al Barsha Road Behind Mall of Emirates – Dubai

Contact No:  +971 50 409 2405

Types of Massage Available

Moroccan bath and massage AED 850
Swedish Massage AED 525-735
Aromatherapy Massage AED 525-735
Deep Tissue Massage AED 630-945
Hot Stone Massage AED 630-945
Couple Massage AED 1045-1475
Four Hands Massage AED 1045-1475
Six Hands Massage AED 2100-3100
Manicure, pedicure, feet care AED 475
Men Waxing AED 760
Facial Massage AED 350
Lomi Lomi Massage AED 630-945
Bamboo Massage AED 630-945

The price variation for every massage is because of the deviation in the time period ranging from 60 to 90-minute massage.

Customer Reviews

They provide a luxury massage experience, and careful clinical massage for every type is available.

The trained staff knows all the complete details of massage and the muscles that need specific pressure.

The Ruspa Massage Center team is skilled, and complete customer care is provided.


3. Adel Spa Massage CenterAdel Spa Massage Center in dubai

Address: 12th Floor, Copthorne Hotel Dubai, Opposite Deira City Center, Port Saeed – Deira

Contact No:  +971 50 408 4074

Types of Massage Available

Lomi Lomi Massage AED 630 60 mins
Lomi Lomi Massage AED 945 90 mins
Aromatherapy Massage AED 525 60 mins
Aromatherapy Massage AED 735 90 mins
Four Hands Massage AED 1 045 60 mins
Four Hands Massage AED 1 470 90 mins
Deep Tissue Massage AED 630 60 mins
Deep Tissue Massage AED 945 90 mins
Russian Massage AED 525 60 mins
Russian Massage AED 735 90 mins
Six hands massage AED 2 100 60 min
Six hands massage AED 3 100 90 min
Hot Stone Massage AED 600 60 mins
Hot Stone Massage AED 900 90 mins
Couple Massage AED 1 045 60 mins
Couple Massage AED 1 470 90 mins
Swedish Massage AED 525 60 mins
Swedish Massage AED 735 90 mins
Bamboo Massage AED 525 60 mins
Bamboo Massage AED 735 90 mins
Stretching Massage AED 630 60 mins
Stretching Massage AED 945 90 mins
Facial Massage AED 350 35 mins

Customer Reviews

They provide complete nourishment to the whole body. The  Complete body massage offers a comfort level to get rid of all the stress and tiredness. The massages are satisfying and relaxing with the eligible staff and the members.


4. Myhvspa Massage CenterMyhvspa Massage Center in dubai

Address:  BR branch (Jumeirah Beach Residence) Bahar 2, Plaza level, behind Hilton Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai UAE

Contact No:   050 648 5959

Types of Massage Available

Body massage with Oil 60 min. 280 AED
Body massage with Lotion 90 min. 360 AED
Signature Massage 90 min. 370 AED
Full Body Massage with Scrub 60 min. 470 AED
Relaxation 60 min. 280 AED
HV Signature Massage 90 min. 370 AED
Thai 60 min. 280 AED
Four Hands Massage 60 min. 470 AED

Customer Review

The customers are pleased with the professionalism of the staff members.

People who are worried and carrying a lot of pain in their shoulder muscles can get their treatment done with expert hands.


5. Happy Valley Massage CenterHappy-Valley-Massage-Center in dubai

Address:  Happy Valley Jumeirah 2 – Beach Park Plaza Centre – Dubai

Contact No:   +971-50-602-5276

Types of Massage Available

Specific Massage 210AED
Full-body Massage 310-410AED
Moroccan Massage 360-460AED
Signature Massage 410-610AED
Couple Massage 610AED

Customer Review

The stress relief therapy provided by the staff of the happy valley is incredible.

The shoulder and head massage are the most relaxing, maintaining emotional stability and complete relief to the muscles.


6. Elixir Ukrainian Massage and SpaElixir Ukrainian Massage and Spa Center in dubai

Address: Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City, sheik Zayed road, business bay, Dubai, UAE.

Contact No: +971 52 2604981

Types of Massage Available

Moroccan Bath and Massage AED 550 45 mins
Moroccan Bath and Massage AED 1 100 45 & 60 mins
Swedish Massage AED 650 60 mins
Swedish Massage AED 950 90 mins
Aromatherapy Massage AED 550 60 mins
Aromatherapy Massage AED 800 90 mins
Deep Tissue Massage AED 750 60 mins
Deep Tissue Massage AED 1 100 90 mins
Hot Stone Massage AED 650 60 mins
Hot Stone Massage AED 950 90 mins
Couple Massage AED 1 500 60 mins
Couple Massage AED 2 100 90 mins
Four Hands massage AED 1 500 60 mins
Four Hands massage AED 2 100 90 mins
Six Hands Massage AED 2 100 60 min
Six Hands Massage AED 3 100 90 mins
Stretching Massage AED 750 60 min
Stretching Massage AED 1 100 90 mins
Waxing AED 1 000 underarms, bikini, legs, stomach
Waxing AED 1 500 underarms,bikini,legs, stomach,arms,face,back
Facial Massage AED 550 35min
Lomi Lomi Massage AED 900 60 mins
Lomi Lomi Massage AED 1 300 90 mins
Bamboo Massage AED 750 60 mins
Bamboo Massage AED 1 100 90 mins
Single Bowl Massage AED 850 60 mins
Single Bowl Massage AED 1 250 90 mins
Cupping Massage AED 750 60 mins
Cupping Massage AED 1 100 90 mins

Customer Review

They have the best staff that can provide the on-spot luxurious massage of any type, and the home service is available. The trainees are the best pick for the clients.

They provide the most relaxing and satisfying head and shoulder massage-best stress removal therapy.

All the procedures are done clinically, and the best part is the therapy is relevant to those preferred by your therapist.


Benefits of the Massage and Spa Treatments

Various massages have multiple effects on our bodies. Here are a few important massages that affect the parts of the body as given.

Relaxing Massage

There are a lot of reasons why you should opt for bodywork. The massage therapist can make the client have a product free from tensions, stress, and pains.

In fact, it is believed by many today that relaxation especially given to your muscles during any relaxing lifestyle workout exercise will have positive consequences in terms of blood circulation which means better oxygenation in this case to the organs hence improving their overall functioning.

Thus there is no need for additional drugs or elixirs.

Another fact to tell you is that even after giving a good body massage, you will have enough energy hence free from symptoms of fatigue especially offered by depression and sleep-related disorders they are very rare in modern time today due effectively to the negative effects on our lives such as stress or exhaustion.

So these are just some effective causes behind why everyone should opt for awesome therapeutic treatments.

Pregnancy Massage

Unlike standard massage, pregnancy massages are tailored to meet the unique needs of pregnant women and their clients.

Pregnancy therapists can help increase circulation in your lower legs by moving around you in yoga-like positions or positioning yourself behind you on a masseuse’s table so that she can move her body backward and forward over yours.

Therapists also may use local cold waxed cloths temporarily to target specific arches or trigger points and may help melt muscle cramps in your lower back, abdomen, or hip.

Pregnancy massage therapists may also incorporate cupping techniques for increased circulation to the skin and abdominal organs as well as percussion with their hands on those same areas of your body.

Overall, pregnancy massages can have many benefits for both you and your baby. A well-executed massage by a certified therapist will help increase circulation in the limbs of both mother and fetus, optimize brain blood flow to the fetus during labor.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

While we do tend to focus on the benefits of lymph drainage massage for our body, it is equally important that we appreciate how beneficial this therapy can also be in regards to restoring general health and wellbeing.

Not only does one no longer feel uncomfortable if they are experiencing a swollen or painful ankle due to excess cellulite, but at least initially the process will restore mobility into those areas as well and help disperse any accumulated fluids that have collected there over time by increasing the lymphatic activity.

In addition to this, I believe that we must also appreciate how positive this technique can be for any individuals who struggle with a number of health problems, including those linked to poor circulation, such as legs or feet being cold and tired due to lack of blood flow.

Dermatological conditions such as eczema are often caused because there is an imbalance between overactive lymph vessels and insufficient amounts of digestive lining in order to create a complete circle throughout the body.

Oncology Massage

On the other hand, muscle relaxants and pain medications can be effective short-term treatments.

Muscle relaxers work by inhibiting signals to your central nervous system (CNS), which can cause loss of coordination, severe drowsiness and dizziness as well as breathing difficulties.

The same is valid for methadone – it may alleviate symptoms but does not treat cancer or reduce the risk of relapse amongst addicted individuals.

The evidence for opiate medication and cancer pain is inconclusive to non-existent.

Many individuals opt for alternative treatments such as ​massage, acupuncture, or chiropractic therapy.

These are effective forms of treatment with varying levels of evidence in support but also have their limitations (i.e., lack specificity) – so only consider these options if they feel comfortable enough to pay out more money than a massage can provide.

In order to ensure that one is fully enjoying their time with this rejuvenating technique and not just focusing on their own concerns during it though, I believe we must also appreciate how beneficial research has shown various physical exercises or treatments using massage can become for our overall lifetime.


1. Are at-Home Massage Services Safe in Dubai?

Yes, these services can be provided to you at your doorstep from the trained staff and experts hands.

2. Can ladies Take a Home Massage in Dubai?

You can opt to come to the spa for your massage for a luxurious experience, or book an appointment at your home if you are comfortable there.

3. Is Pregnancy Massage Available in Dubai?

Many spas make sure the availability of the pregnancy massage at the spa or even in homes services. You can either take any existing massage or there are specifically pregnancy massage arrangements for the ladies there.

4. Is it Safe to Take Massage Services at Home while pregnant?

In-home massage during pregnancy is the safest way to go. You can experience the best massage in your own comfort zone.

5. Are Oils Safe while doing Massage at Home?

Oils specifically the essential and organic ones are the important elements of the massage as they nourish the body and smoothen your muscles.

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