The Benefits and Drawbacks of Owning a Range Rover

Without any doubt, range rovers are one of the most luxurious and prominent vehicles available in today’s market. Besides elegant and well-designed automobiles, range rovers also offer great sophistication and refinement. Range rovers are known for their superb style and extraordinary off-road abilities.

If you’ve ever been to a UAE Range Rover Garage or have known someone who has owned a range rover,  you’d have an idea about its use. If you don’t know about the benefits and drawbacks yet, don’t worry. We’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of owning a range rover here.

The Benefits of Owning a Range Rover

Below are discussed some of the benefits of owning a range rover.

1. Enjoy a Comfortable Drive

For most newer models of range rovers, you’ll see that they are, in reality, as luxurious on the inside as they are on the outside. They support padded seats, offer plenty of space, and give passengers more room for relaxing. Moreover, range rovers provide a very comfortable drive over bumpy and rough areas like drips, bumps, or potholes.

2. Drive Anywhere and In Any Condition

A range rover can drive to its best in almost every condition. Whether you’re driving in large puddles, snowfall, or rain, your range rover will be a perfect vehicle to go regardless of the situation. With more weight, larger tires, and more significant space between the ground and yourself, your range rover can easily move on the road in every weather condition.

3. Sleek and Elegant Look

One of the most essential benefits of having a range rover is that it offers an elegant and sleek look that adds to the fantastic performance. This vast vehicle and its sleek looks do not disappoint. Range rovers, therefore, offer a timeless yet modern look.

4. Enjoy a Wonderful View

The raised seating in a range rover offers you improved visibility and view on your vehicle’s sides, front, and rear. With the wide glass, you can get an impressive sight, and the parking cameras and sensors make it easier for you to see the blind spots.

5. Supports Several Safety Features

Large vehicles like range rovers come with safety features like reliable brakes, airbags, anti-rollover capabilities, and other safety features that maximize safe and secure rides.

6. Range Rovers have a Good Milage

With advancements in technology, we have seen improvements in the fuel capacity of newer vehicle models. Range rovers were once thought to use a lot of gas, but today, range rovers can work at around 30MPG when running on the highway. So, a benefit of range rovers today is that they offer excellent milage to save your costs at the pump.

The Drawbacks of Having a Range Rover

Regardless of all the benefits a range rover offers, it’s not all just sunshine and rainbows. There are some drawbacks that range rover owners face.

1. Offer a Bumpy Ride

Land rovers are also known to have large steering wheels than regular vehicles that often give a knock-on effect. This usually leaves drives a little uncomfortable. Larger wheels lead to more vibrations, and bumps aren’t always suitable for most drivers.

2. Hard Handling and Steering

Range rovers are known to be bulky by their very making. For drivers new to using this vehicle, the steering and handling may not be as sharp or easy as other regular cars.

3. Visual Obstruction

Since range rovers have large rear pillars and small rear windows that tend to limit the visibility behind your vehicle. Because of the limited visibility offered, it becomes more of a need than a luxury to use the video rearview mirror. New drivers may often feel uncomfortable because of this visual obstruction.


If you’re interested in buying a range rover, we suggest that you have a comparative overview of the pros and cons of having a range rover before deciding to make an investment. Range rovers can be pricey vehicles but worth the investment. So, if you’re still uncertain about buying one, be sure to view the benefits and drawbacks before making up your mind.

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