5 Best Trapezius Muscle Workouts in Dubai

We all know how important it is to have a good trapezius muscle workout. The bodybuilders do understand its importance and so they work towards building those traps. You can also follow these 5 best trapezius workouts in Dubai that will take you closer to your goal:

1. Front Shrugs

This exercise focuses on the upper area of your trapezius muscles and it’s an isolation movement which means there’s absolutely no need for any assistance from other groups. So, lie down on a bench lifting the barbell up right from your thighs keeping your arms straight at the elbows and palms facing each other. Now lift the forearms till you feel tension on your traius muscles and hold for 1-2 seconds. Now slowly lower the barbell till your arms are completely relaxed and repeat for desired reps.

Ensure to use the perfect form with this exercise as it’s very easy to cheat and can result in an injury. You should rather opt for a lightweight and do the reps perfectly than pick up a heavyweight and injure yourself later on.

2. Weighted Shoulder Shrugs


This trapezius workout gym is slightly similar to the front shrugs but instead of holding at one point, you’ll be lifting throughout the range of motion (ROM). So, you need dumbbells for this exercise standing upright with feet hip-width apart then bending forward until your back is parallel to the ground while keeping your head neutral and core tight. Now raise your shoulders towards your ears and hold there for a second while squeezing your traps, now slowly release the tension. Repeat the movement for desired reps.

Just like any other workout home, you should also be aware of form with this one too, so try to avoid using an excessive weight that will cause an injury or bad form.

3. T-Bar Shrugs


This trapezius exercise is very similar to barbell shrugs but instead of sitting on a bench, you would have to get on a t-bar machine and carry on with the movements. So grab the grips of the t-bar machine keeping it at shoulder-width apart from the ground then lift it up till you feel the tension in the upper back. Now slowly lower the t-bar till your arms are straight, now raise it again to the starting point, and repeat for desired reps.

4. Dumbbell Shrugs

This trapezius exercise is an isolation movement which means there’s absolutely no need for any assistance from other groups. So grab two dumbbells of appropriate weight keeping them at shoulder-width apart. Now lift both weights up vertically till your shoulders are way above your hips then slowly release back down to starting position and repeat for desired reps.

5. Upright Rows


This trapezius workout is very similar to T-Bar shrugging but you have to keep your torso upright instead of forward while doing the movement. Stand upright with feet hip-width apart then lift the barbell right from your thighs with straight arms. Now slowly raise the weight up towards the neck area until it reaches chin level, hold for a second and release back down again. Repeat for desired reps.

            Just like any other trapezius workout you should also use perfect form while performing upright rows else they can cause an injury to your shoulders or neck. Keep the weights light so that you don’t have to strain yourself while lifting them.

Always Remember These Guidelines When Doing Trapezius Workouts:

1. Choose Proper Weight


For the front, shrugs pick up a lightweight ranging between 5 kgs – 8 kgs which is what you can actually handle so that you can easily lift it up and lower it back down again. Don’t ever compromise your form for weight, do enough reps with perfect form to get the maximum benefit of shrugs.

2. Use Perfect Form

While performing any trapezius workout always use proper form so that you don’t have to face an injury later on. If you feel at any time that there’s pain or strain in muscles then stop immediately before it starts hurting more than usual.

3. Rest Between Sets

While doing trapezius workouts never overdo your sets as they are already exhausting with this kind of weight. So rest between 30 seconds – 2 minutes in between each set to complete exhaustion which might make you feel more tired than usual.

4. Use A Spotter

If you’re doing any dumbbell trapezius workout with a barbell then try to use a spotter just in case you can’t raise the full weight or feel pain in muscles while doing so. This is only done for safety measures and nothing else.

5. Exercise Order

While performing trapezius workouts, start with isolation exercises like front and shrugs before moving onto compound exercises like upright rows and T-Bar shrugging as they require more energy expenditure than isolation movements which will again cause unnecessary fatigue.

6. Breathing Rules


Breathe out while lifting weights up towards shoulders and breathe in when returning back down to starting position. Always know your body’s limitations while doing trapezius workouts as every individual has different strengths, if you’re good at them then don’t waste time by taking a rest too much between sets and vice versa.

7. Take A Break

If you can take a week off from weights to give full recovery to your muscles so that they can become even stronger with no risk of any injuries or pain etc. Then wait for another week before proceeding onto the next level of muscle building with shrugs.

8. Variety Is The Key

While doing trapezius workouts always try to include variety in exercising so that there’s no chance of boredom creeping into your workout sessions. This is mainly done for preventing injuries and giving enough rest to your muscles while also stimulating growth in them at the same time.

So always remember these tips when doing a trapezius workout to avoid any unnecessary strain on the shoulders or neck which can cause pain or injury later on. Follow this simple guide for best results while doing shrugs with perfect form to target your traps like never before.

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