10 Benefits Of Using Yoga Mats For Your Fitness

There’s no doubt that we’ve grown to love yoga and all the benefits it brings to our lives. From mental health, flexibility and strength – yoga has got it covered!

Why Is A Yoga Mat Necessary?


We know how beneficial a little daily yoga can be for you, but what about the gear? Using a traditional non-sticky floor sans yoga mat can make for a dreadful experience. Have no fear though yogis, because we’re here to tell you why using a thick yoga mat is the best thing that’ll ever happen to your asana (posture).

1. No more slipping and sliding around on wet floors during sweaty practices (it happens!)  We all know the horror of realizing your favorite studio has painted their parquet floor in slightly too slippery paint.

2. No more feeling self-conscious about sticking to the floor when you live on the third floor and have to take off your shoes every time you practice yoga at home.

3. Comfortable padding for your wrists. Believe it or not, but some wooden floors are even harder than concrete! I’ve had my fair share of wrist pain from using them, so having something between me and the floor is definitely a bonus.


4. You can start using weights without worrying about scratching up your studio’s wooden floors! Many people use yoga blocks for this purpose, but they might get in the way during other classes. If there’s one thing that makes me never want to do anything physical with others around, it’s the fear of dropping a weight on someone’s foot or making some clumsy mistake. No damage is done to your floor, so you can use weights all you want.

5. Keep your best yoga mat clean. Ok, I have to say this, but yoga mats really do keep most of the sweat and smell away from them (so gross!). This means that if there’s ever a time when you’re in a rush and don’t have enough time for a full-on maintenance session with your mat, putting it over top of something that is already dirty isn’t going to be as problematic as doing so with your favorite pair of jeans.

6. Better grip since many yoga mats(lululemon yoga mats, Adidas yoga mats, Alo yoga mats) are non-slip. If you need extra grip during sweaty practices, you can always try to use a towel (not recommended) or invest in something like yoga mats with straps.

7. More support, especially if you’re trying out harder poses.

8. It makes it easier for you to keep your balance and focus on your asanas rather than wondering if that uncomfortable creak is because of the floor or your mat and where exactly do I place my hands now because the floor looks very slippery and what if I fall over? See how important yoga mats in UAE are?

9. If you travel a lot for work and practice yoga at different studios around town – having your own mat means fewer germs! Sharing mats between sweaty people isn’t such a hot idea, after all, so watch those dirty mats!

10. And last but not least – it’s much more comfortable to rest on your mat than on the floor. If you fall out of balance during a sweaty practice and can’t make it to your mat in time, don’t worry – there will always be something soft for you to land on:)

Honestly, once you start using yoga mats nothing else will do, and guess what? You’re totally allowed to use them outside of the class as well! Take one to the office, bring it over to a friend’s place or just chill at home with your favorite TV series.

Yoga mats aren’t just for yogis anymore 🙂


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