This is one of the quickest ways to burn down a large amount of calories through workout. It is said to burn at least 500 calories for every 30 minutes you keep up the full body workout. Being immersed in the water throughout the exercise not only helps to keep your body fresh and hydrated, but it can also promote longer working out periods, as you are not inclined to feel tired or weary after a short period of time. The intenseness of the water pressure puts your muscles to work without you having to put much effort, which promotes blood circulation, reduces cellulite and water retention.

You could engage in aqua gym for the purpose of weight loss along with stress relief, as water sports are generally more exciting and enjoyable as opposed to other forms of exercise.

For those of you suffering from severe injuries that need rehabilitation for recovery, water exercise could go a long way to facilitate speedy healing without the full weight of the body having to be borne by the legs.

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