Yoga on the Beach

Enhance Your Fitness Regime With Exciting Beach Workout

September 3, 2018

Are you bored of doing the same monotonous fitness routine? Is the routine making you hate exercises day after day? If yes, it is time to break the routine and kickstart a new, exciting workout that will improve your fitness level. Exercising on sands does not only offer a spectacular view, fresh air, and positive vibes, but you will burn twice the number of calories.

A study conducted by The Journal of Experimental Biology shows that running on the sand will require 1.15 times of energy when compared to running on the hard surface. On an average, you can burn more than 400 calories in just 30 minutes. Moreover, running on sand can be very beneficial for your joints, knee muscles, and bones as it regulates blood flow.

The unstable surface caused by the sands require your body to use more muscle fibers so as to maintain balance and stability. Additionally, since the sand has a smoother surface compared to the hard surface, the chances of getting injured is much less. The best place to start a workout would be near the waters as the surrounding can give you a calm and peaceful vibe. Moreover, the surface down there will be much stable.

This article will describe a few exercises that can help in improving your fitness and can be a change from your usual workouts. These exercises can help in improving your heart rate and strengthen your legs, glutes, chest, arms, abs, and shoulder. Even if the moves and exercises are very basic, it might get extremely difficult as you workout in the sands.


How to – The first thing to do is lie face-up with both your arms and legs straight. In just one movement, lift your torso and legs as if you are reaching out for your toes with your hands. Then, bring back your body to the original position. This is one rep. It is recommended to do 10-12 reps.


How to – Stand on the ground with your feet apart. Keep your arms in the air. Lower your knees as much as you can by pushing your hips back and slowly bending your knees. Hold yourself in this position for 2-5 seconds. Then, get back to your original position. One rep is completed. It is advisable to do at least 10 reps.

Push up

Firstly, get down in the plank position. Make sure your hands are kept under your shoulder. Now, lower your body until your chest touches the ground. Once you are down, pull your elbows towards your body and push your body backward with the upper arm from a 45-degree angle. During the entire workout, you need to make sure that your core remains strong. If you are a beginner, this can be slightly difficult, but as you practice, this exercise would become easier.

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