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5 Startling Ways To Enhance Your Flexibility

August 21, 2018

We all wish to improve our physical stability and enhance our body aspects in the most effective way. In fact, while some of us would not want to adopt to stressful activities as we are only looking to stay fit and in shape, others are keen on joining the best MMA gyms in Dubai and build muscle strength. However, we have forgotten the underlying factor behind subtle and challenging workouts – flexibility. This is one of the few aspects that remains unchanged irrespective of the workout you adhere to. This article will help you explore different ways to increase your flexibility which can certainly support you while you are doing your day-to-day chores.

  1.    Warm yourself up before any workout

As we get busier, we tend to allot only a certain amount of time for our workouts and in this time,  we forget to do a few stretches to warm ourselves before a rigorous workout session. In fact, trainers in Dubai recommend people to do a few stretches even after the workout to prevent soreness and muscle pains.  

There are two types of stretches namely static and dynamic stretching. Research suggests that static stretches aren’t as beneficial when compared to dynamic stretches as the latter type like a couple of push-ups, lunges, squats, jumping jacks, and side-lunges will put internal pressure on the muscles which will increase your flexibility levels.  

  1.    Include static stretching in your core workout

If you love weights, this could be your favourite part of the session as you can challenge yourself with a couple of weights and improve your flexibility down on your arms and thigh muscles. You could use these weights as you indulge in static stretching that could be another way of removing your soreness and make you immensely flexible.

  1.    Do full-range motion frequently

When you indulge in partial parts of motion, you tend to build strong muscles, however only on the part you are putting pressure and not on the overall body. This is why many fitness trainers suggest in doing exercises that include full-range motion as this will not only keep you in a proportionate body shape but has many health benefits like regulating your blood circulation and improving your flexibility.

  1.    Incorporate steam and massage time

Occasionally, you should certainly take out some time to go for steam sessions which can be a great way to lose the excess body fat that was burnt during the workout sessions. You should also allot some time for massages that will relax your body, remove blood clots, and enhance the ability to perform flexible workouts.

  1.    Complete body hydration

As you are working in air-conditioned surroundings, you might not feel the need to drink water. However, to stay healthy and fit internally, it is extremely important to stay hydrated. This will keep your health and improve your exercise sessions which in turn will increase your flexibility.

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