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Build – Ease – Ache – Change – Hop – BEACH Workout

August 14, 2018

With so many people working in the corporate industry, their energy expenditure is way less than their energy intake due to the lack of physical activity. This can lead to obesity, overweight, and many coronary heart diseases.

To prevent such health conditions, people are very conscious of what kind of food they consume and are extremely dedicated towards fitness. At the same time, it can get really boring as people indulge in the same workout repeatedly. To enhance the experience of fitness workouts, our expert trainers at Magnum Fitness Beach Dubai have introduced sessions like cardio and yoga on the beach.

Unlike working out under closed doors, doing exercises on the beach can prove to be an exhilarating experience. There are numerous benefits associated with outdoor fitness. If you are looking for an alternative way of exercising, this article can enlighten you on the advantages of beach workouts.

Beach workouts can be more beneficial as you do not only indulge in a physical activity, but you become closely connected with nature. This can help you reconnect with nature and can certainly calm you down, giving a relaxed feeling.

Additionally, every time you are in a holiday, you won’t need to find a separate gym to continue working out, instead, you can just run on the beach which is tougher than running on a treadmill. As you run on the sandy ground, you constantly push the sand backward which enhances your flexibility and contracts your calf muscles better than running on a flatter surface. Experts claim that your soreness increases when you work out amidst the sand as your muscles keep flexing, making your core much stronger.

Moreover, when you indulge in a beach workout, you will be exposed to lesser muscle damage or injury due to the high shock absorption quality. In 2017, a survey was conducted where women were asked to identify the changes in their body as they began working out on the beach. Most of the ladies believed that they could witness quicker results as your entire body works out even if the exercise is only targeting a specific part of the body. This is also because a beach workout can help you burn twice the number of calories when compared to a traditional workout in a gym.

Another advantage associated with beach workouts is the increase in qualities like a presence of mind, reflexes, and balance. People tend to fall on the sand as the surface can be very unstable. However, the impact is proven to be way lesser than falling on a solid surface. Furthermore, with time, you will get used to the unstable surface as your muscles will be automatically activated with the natural twists, turns, and inversions.

You can go barefoot while you exercise on the beach. This helps in regulating blood flow and not suppressing your blood which often happens when you wear shoes. So, if you are looking for a change in your workout schedule, how about try working out on the beach? Our fitness trainers in Dubai will help you out and give the right advice to improve your workout. Get in touch with our gym in Dubai to get more information on our packages and fitness activities.