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Say Hi To Muay Thai And Move Towards The Fitness Lane

August 7, 2018

With constant civilisation in the world, we have adopted and gotten adapted to several fitness schemes in the hope to stay fit and healthy. However, going to the same gym while doing a monotonous routine with machines or indulging in floor exercises can be mentally frustrating. At times, we forget our roots as we aim to progress in the modernising world.

If you are tired of following a boring fitness routine, it is time that you try some activities that can tone your body and build muscles. Muay Thai is the perfect combination of martial arts and fitness as you can not only stay fit but also learn new tricks, develop new skills, and discover your inner self.

Muay Thai is a traditional sport that was first discovered in Thailand. One of its distinct features include techniques of clinching and learning the art of discipline. It comes under martial arts and is often characterised with fits, shines, elbows, knees. In the hope to bring out new fitness regimes, Magnum Fitness Beach Dubai has introduced Muay Thai that can be learned from our well-trained, professional and expert trainers in Dubai. This article will give detailed information on the benefits of techniques of Muay Thai.

One of the most striking benefits of this sport is the ability to increase cardiovascular condition. (i.e.) In the first few training sessions, it will be extremely hard to cope up with this sport as it is highly demanding both physically and mentally. On the other hand, as the training progresses, your body adapts to this and improves the cardiovascular condition better than any other sport.

Since this sport involves numerous kicking techniques, it puts pressure on the musculature of the lower leg, hence, strengthening the lower leg muscles, increasing agility, resistance, improving reflexes, and the presence of mind. Moreover, as these muscles strengthen, your core starts to pump up and gives a sense of strength to the overall body.

This sport is also responsible for increasing mobility especially in the hip region as the person indulges in various kicking movements frequently. To ease the muscles, it would be advisable to do foaming on the respective regions, every now and then.

One of the shared benefits of all martial arts is stress relief. After a long and stressful day at work, rather than going home and sleeping, try experiencing this sport as it can prove to be an ultimate stressbuster and you will feel refreshed by the end of the session. The only advice given by our experts is that you should not overdo the workout and start slow. As your body begins to get used to the kicking techniques and the overall workout, you can slowly start challenging yourself.

At Magnum Fitness Beach Dubai, we have an exceptional outdoor MMA gym in Dubai where you can try this martial art safely and with the constant guidance of our knowledgeable trainers. Looking for the best trainers In Dubai who will give your desired results? Get in touch with our fitness center for more information!