Aqua gym in Dubai

Aquagym – Fitness Intensified….

July 21, 2018

Traditionally, people indulge in many fitness routines to keep themselves fit and healthy. However, they arrive at a point where the same routine becomes monotonous and end up lacking motivation in working out. Moreover, studies have shown that not many people are fond of machine workouts as it does not bring out the fun element during the workout session. If you are also thinking along the same lines, we have the ideal solution that will change your perspective on fitness.

Introducing Aquagym by our expert trainers in Dubai, we ensure to give a fun and exciting fitness experience to all our clients. Aquagym has many benefits compared to a regular gym training. If you are a water lover, this could be the perfect solution to have a fun and frolic workout session.

Aquagym is very beneficial as it helps in building strong muscles. Experts have analysed that participants tend to burn four to 42 times of calories as compared to regular workouts done on the surface. This is a huge level of increase which will ensure to reduce weight and inches for fewer days. There are claims that taking up 12 underwater workout sessions can make the person see visible results which is perhaps not as fast as working out with gym equipment.

Another advantage is that endurance and resistance will be built as you start working out in the waters. As your body starts getting comfortable under water, the flexibility level also increases. Due to the push and pull of the water, the body tends to move freely and attain new levels of flexibility.

Working out in the swimming pool does not only intensify your workout but also ensures less of the landing impact. For instance, whenever you do floor workouts, there are chances where you might injure yourself and its effect will be more. On the other hand, when you work out in water, the chances and the impact of injury will be comparatively less.

Activities like water aerobics can help in elevating your pressure joints. We have several pressure points near our toes and fingers which can be alleviated through these workouts. This is an ultimate cooling exercise that helps in reducing your body temperature. Especially in places like Dubai where there is extreme heat, it would be an ideal choice to take up aquagym to burn more calories and reduce your body temperature.

Lastly, this can affect your blood pressure in a positive way. Water helps in regulating your blood circulation to all parts of your body as your stretch and move in water. With Aquagym gaining popularity among the youth, what is holding you back in trying this new version of fitness routine? Book an appointment and enjoy this adrenaline-fuelled and energising water workout!