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Make A Change In Your Fitness Journey!

July 14, 2018

The beach is usually seen as a place to relax and enjoy your evenings by the sun. With us now, it is possible for you to shift your workout to the beach and obtain the many benefits that working out in any other place cannot create. Working out on the beach challenges your body in ways that gyms in Dubai cannot. Make a change to your usual workout and step out of your comfort zone!

When you are working out on the sand, the intensity of the workout is higher when compared to the normal gym floor. You will find it more arduous to engage in the physical activities. Initially, this will be a major change that your body will have to encounter, but as time progresses, your body will get used to this change just as it gets used to everything else in life. You will realize that the number of repetitions you are able to do is lower when compared to the number you usually do at the gym, but this should not bring down your level of motivation.

Due to the resistance caused by the sand, the number of calories you burn will increase. You tend to burn more calories doing the same workout on the beach than at a gym. If you are seeking for a way to burn an extra few calories every day, a workout session on the beach is the ideal option for you. 

Running is considered one of the main ways of working out by everyone. However, many people are reluctant to engage in running due to the harm it can cause to one’s knees. Running on the beach will cause less harm to your joints than running on a normal surface. The soft and smooth nature of the sand will prevent you from any kind of injury. If you have hit a pause to running due to the fear of the harm it can cause, join us and bring back to life the workouts you have stopped.

As a person who is spending their entire day surrounded by the busy life in the corporate world, an evening in the beach is the best way for you to let go of some of the stress you have been having and spend some quality time working out. You will be exposed to the evening sunlight, which can help you get your summer tan. You can ask your friends or family to accompany you and you will be able to spend time on the beach looking and enjoying the views around you. We offer a range of workouts which will suit and entertain everyone who is willing to make a change and workout on the beach.